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DEIV Architecture and Design

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Helping You Design Your World

For ten years, DEIV Architecture and Design has been serving Utah and nearby areas to provide world-class architecture services. The founder, David Clayton, AIA, is now employed by Modal Services, LLC, a full service architecture and development services company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Latest from the Blog

Before and After for a Mid-Century Bungalow

Design can make a huge difference. I recently designed a remodel of a home in Millcreek, Utah for Mathis Homes, LLC. They just finished it and it turned out wonderfully. By the way, if you’d like to buy this home it is still for sale, but you better hurry as it will likely be sold…

The Sunset of Summer . . .

That is where I was free. Whole universes of imagination were created each day. We kids ruled the forest.

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