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FiiZ Drinks Has It’s Grand Opening Tomorrow: July 10, 2019!!

At DEIV Architecture, we are thrilled at how our design turned out on the new FiiZ Drinks location at 5055 S. State Street, Murray, Utah!

The transformation is fantastic. For fun, we are sharing 3D tours of the BEFORE and AFTER of the building. We took a building dating back to the 1950’s and transformed it into a clean, modern, and family friendly hang-out space with delicious treats!

Here is the 3D tour of the finished project:

(By the way, note the 100 year old Coca-Cola bottle in the frame by the bar that was discovered while excavating for the new drive-thru and parking lot—- yes, this site was meant to have a soda shop!)

And below is what the building looked like before the construction:

And below are some photos we took on site today:


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