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Our Process

Our Process

For most people, the process of getting a building designed and built is uncharted territory.  At DEIV Architecture and Design, we offer this quick overview to help people understand what it takes to get your building designed and built.

Pre-Design Options Study

You should never waste money if the project is a no-go. We offer a Pre-Design Options Study so that we can help you analyze the property and proposed building use before spending too much with this low-cost service. Check out the this service here: Pre-Design Options Study

Schematic Design

Once a project is ready to move forward, we work out the plans and elevations. This phase focuses on the overall design and layout.

Design Development

During this phase, we try to dial in the design to a higher degree of detail, including cabinetry layouts, door and window types, material selections, etc.

Construction Documents

Once the bulk of the design decisions between Owner and Architect are done, it is time to get the plans all dimensioned, annotated, and ready for submittal for permit.


One of the biggest mistakes people make is to not have their architect be involved during construction. That’s like going to court without your lawyer.  During construction, the architect acts as your expert eyes and ears and provides a check and balance to the actions of the contractor.  Some of these tasks we perform during construction include, construction site visits, product and shop drawing submittal review, supplemental instructions, responding to requests for information, reviewing and approving contractor pay applications, and many more important tasks that keep you protected.

One way that we are different than other architects, we also provide 3d scanning of construction sites at key points along the way.  This added service can give you a permanent record of where electrical, plumbing, and air conditioning utilities are behind the walls and ceilings so that in the future, if you need to make a repair or remodel, you have a better idea of what is there.  At left, check out a recent scan we did for a client to see how it works.

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